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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Craving for cupcakes!

While waiting for my dear husband after work, I decided to walk down to this new bakery that just recently opened, it's called baked by Melissa. Similar to my blog's name coincidentally. :)
They sell these cute little, by little I literally mean tiny cupcakes. I wanted to take a picture, but sorry I gobbled them down as soon as I bought them. But this will only give me a reason to make another stop at the bakery...trust me it's just because I want to share the pictures with my friends and not because I'll crave them again!!

Yeah right!!!

Funnily enough, I do have one picture to share...do not worry its not of me and my husband fighting over the tiny cupcake but it's of the cute little to-go box.

Anyways coming back to the point, they are nice but very tiny to easily judge the flavors and I would say they're not cheap either. 1 buck for that size. Ok, I think by now I have everyone curious about the size so I'll go back tomorrow and eat..oops I meant click some pictures. :)

Until then, hasta la vista baby!!


  1. Size does matter!!!!! I believe in it more than ever now. The cupcakes were good but too tiny to be appreciated for long....I think Chitra can do a better job at creating them than anyone I know.

    You know my preference babes!!!! Chocolate....

  2. So now we all know, from where that name came...
    Baked by ?????

    Just Kiddin!

    Keep up the Good work.