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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some more additions to the Dora family!!

 Backpack and Swiper - a total of 3.5 hrs to make these, so not so bad!!

Swiper's whiskers are quite long...so I need to trim them!!

Now comes Dora!! It took me a total of 5 hrs and 45 minutes (yes I timed myself) to make her and get her to behave!! Her arm kept falling off and out of those almost 6 hrs, I spent two hours only in getting the right brown skin tone that she has!

I need to fix her eyes...have to clean them up.

 Overall, I am not disappointed with the way she turned out. I thought she was quite close...Or maybe, I'm going to redo her till I don't get it right!


  1. its good for a first attempt :)..so what hav u used here?clay?

  2. Thanks! it's not clay, it's fondant mixed in with a little gum-tex powder. Is this someone I know?

  3. she does look close to the actual Dora..............great work for doing everything by hand!!! but is she edible?
    cannot wait to see the whole cake.......:-)

  4. Yes Pooj...she's as edible as you'd like it to be...in other words, if you have a super sweet tooth, you would like to take a bite of it. I wouldn't, it's too sweet for me..Kids might like it..Thanks Pooj, I tried so hard to have her look like Dora...spent 2 hrs on just the skin color!