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Monday, December 27, 2010

Cookies for X'mas...

Firstly, I'm not a professional baker, but I'm trying to get there...there are three most important things in baking that I've learnt over the years - taste (obviously!!), originality and presentation (I have quite some learning to do here).
I live in this close knit community in Central New Jersey and was invited to a Christmas party over the weekend. My sister's been living here for a while and I joined her a year back, so I found that there would be around 20 children at the party. This being my first formal Christmas party (I'm Indian), I was supah excited  and so decided to bake tons of cookies to give out as gifts. Some pictures of me having fun with the cookies - dozen or more of ginger spice cookies and another with a regular cookie dough and chocolate on top....the latter cookies were the ones I decided to personalize for each child....with their initial on the cookie .;)

  Ginger spice cookies with royal icing

Vanilla cinammon cookie with chocolate icing...can you spot the initials ;)

Snowmans like to have some fun

Yum...just had one cookie...and it tastes yummy!! I think I should gift wrap them before I finish them all...

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