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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day and days after Christmas sale

How many inches of snow did we get this past weekend?? Oops, I should've said how many feet of snow!! We really did get lots of snow and I wonder if there were people who went to the mall to take advantage of the 'day/say 2 days after x'mas' sale. I'm sure there must've been a few who might've gone to the mall in the morning and maybe got stranded in the mall unaware of the conditions that were building up outside...but again thankfully I didn't hear about any incidents of the sorts on the news.

Coming back to the point that I want to make...is the sale really worth it? Would you drive through snow to go to the mall?? I had tons of coupons flooded in my inbox over the weekend and was tempted to step out in the cold knowing that I didn't really need anything [I don't step out of the house unless I absolutely need to if it's snowing and I was busy as it is making Tiramisu, will write about the Tiramisu later ;)). Is it really worth it to make the effort and go to the mall a day after x'mas or the weekend after x'mas when it clearly looks like there will be chaos in the mall unless ofcourse you have to buy something important.

I wanted to buy a christmas tree for next year and wanted to go check out the deals because I heard from a friend that trees are sold at ridiculously low prices the day after x'mas. Makes sense! But again wouldn't I get a tree at Walmart for a reasonable price...would I really save much by going to the mall? Knowing me if I had gone to the mall, I would've probably returned empty-handed because of the overwhelming number of people at the mall and the crazy sales everywhere!! But I've wasted all my coupons and I will never have a chance to know what I missed out on! :)

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