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Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar night party!

Firstly, cheers for Javier Bardem. Wasn't he looking so handsome last night?

Anyway, coming to the point...I've been wanting to have an Oscar party for a while. So we got together with our friends last night all dressed up and played oscar bingo and a quiz as well. All in all it was good fun. I cooked up some oscar inspired appetizers and dessert while my friends bought dishes inspired by the foreign film category - yummy egg salad sandwiches, tasty pasta, mexican enchiladas and chicken teriyaki. They were so yummy!

Caramelized onions and cranberries on crackers with cream cheese -

Polenta triangles -

Baked potatoes infused with herbs and topped with pepperjack cheese -


Strawberry puree & lemon curd trifle with pound cake/strawberry and lemon jello/whipped cream. Yummm, I love fresh lemon...the fragrance and the tartness. I will post the recipe soon.

The trifle was then topped with Oscar royal icing creations. I drew the oscar statuette on parchment paper and them piped royal icing on them. Then I let them dry for over 24 hrs. Once dry, you have to be really careful at peeling them from the paper, which I didn't do. So unfortunately most of them broke apart. Look closely and you'll see the patchwork. ;) Also, I stuck these figurines in strawberries that were slightly slit to make them stand on the trifle pudding. Else, they would just sink.


  1. Awesome.. mouth-watering recipes.. I'm one of ur new followers from now on..

  2. <3 the whole theme and delicacies concocted thus! Ive an idea for the sinking problem... how about u use something with a heavy density (edible ofc) and use it to anchor the figurines next time? :D


    Ps. U look lourvely!

  3. Thanks Tapasvi for commenting and following!!! Lovely pictures of Sankalp that you've put up. He looks so serious while reading that book. So cute!!

    Thanks Shoom! You know what!! I totally forgot to mention this in the post - but these figurines are placed in strawberries that were slit apart. The one that really looks like its sinking actually is missing it's lower body parts, hence I pretended to joke about it sinking! Lol!

  4. Another question for my lovely followers! Are you having difficulty in posting comments?

  5. Oh! Wow! Must be a great party, all your dish looks very tempting and delicious.